Quality Pool Repair in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex


Golden Pool Services answers some of the most asked questions by customers about pool repair.



Q: Who should I call to repair my gunite pool and/or spa?

A: It is important that you call a company with trained service professionals. Improper repair techniques can cause additional damage or unsatisfactory results. Golden Pool Services has trained and experienced personnel to repair your pool with any need that it may require. From cracked gunite to a complete re-plaster and or make over.

Q: Can Golden Pool Services help me if I am looking at buying a home with a swimming pool?

A: Yes. Before you invest in a home with an existing pool we would recommend an inspection. Too often we are called out after the purchase is complete and find costly repairs that needed to be made before purchasing. We will inspect your pool and equipment and give you a written proposal for any repairs or upgrades you may need. Call our office 972-579-7492 or email us info@goldenpoolservices.com to schedule an appointment.

Q: Do I need to maintain my pool in the winter?

A: Yes. Water balance and cleaning must be done year around. Ask one of our staff if your pool will require a change in procedures during the winter months.

Q: How can I tell if my pool is leaking?

A: Depending on the pools normal evaporation. It is about 1″ to 2-1/2″ per week. When the days are warm and the nights cool evaporation is at it’s highest. Using the ordinary plastic bucket you can perform this simple test to determine if your pool is leaking.

Bring pool water to normal level. (middle of skimmer)
Place bucket on 1st or 2nd step of pool.
Fill bucket with pool water to same level as pool.
Mark water level on inside of bucket.
Shut off pump and mark pool water level on outside of bucket.
Resume normal pump operation.
After 24 to 48 hours, compare the 2 water levels.
If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than inside water level, there is probably a leak.
In case of rain repeat the test. (Be sure if your pool is equipped with an auto fill to shut off water supply.)

Q: When should I run my pool filter?

A: To retard chlorine evaporation, maximize water clarity and prevent algae your pool filter should run during the hottest part of the day.

Q: Why is my pump making loud noises?

A: There are several reasons why this can be occurring. The pump motor bearings are failing and the motor needs to be rebuilt or replaced. There could be a partially blocked suction line causing pump noise. The pump could also be over sized for the application causing the pump noise and possibly overheat. Give us a call and we can diagnose the problem for you.

Q: Why is my pump is blowing bubbles into the pool?

A: You probably have a leak the plumbing allowing air to get into the system. This is something that should be repaired quickly. If too much air gets in the line, you could burn up your pump motor.

Q: How often do I need an acid wash?

A: Typically every 5 to 7 years a pool should be drained and acid washed to remove discoloring caused by chemicals. An acid wash is, put simply, purposeful stripping of a tiny layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath.

An acid wash will generally remove superficial stains, fine scale deposits, and various colored deposits from the plaster. The process strips off (dissolves) a very thin layer of plaster, and will therefore generally restore 75 to 85% of the plaster’s brightness. An acid wash will not remove heavy deposits or stains that have penetrated through many layers of plaster.

As a rule, acid washing a pool should be done only by a licensed professional.

Q: There’s water in my pool light fixture, is it safe?

A: NO. Absolutely not. This means the seal or cord are leaking and you need to install an entirely new pool light fixture.

Q: Where should the pool water level be during normal operation?

A: At least 2/3 up to the skimmer opening on pool side.

Q: I am at work all day, how do I get an estimate for pool repair?

A: No problem. Most of our customers work and are not able to meet a technician during business hours. As long as there is open access we can come anytime during the day. Give us a call to schedule or email us to schedule an appointment. Be sure to lets us know we can come “anytime” on the specific day your appointment is set for. Call 972-579-7492 or info@goldenpoolservices.com and we will email you with a quote.

Q: What cities do you offer weekly pool cleaning?

A: We proudly provide pool cleaning service to the DFW Metroplex