Pool Crack Repair

Some cracks may just be superficial in the finish of the pool and don’t leak however, many will go all the way through the concrete pool shell which can allow water to leak out and compact or wash away the soil supporting the shell. If you are losing water and suspect a structural crack is your problem it needs to be stabilized as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  As a pool continues to crack and settle, if you applied an epoxy as a quick fix the hardened epoxy simply cracks and leaks through again. The longer you wait to deal with a structural crack the more difficult and costly it will be to repair.  An expert repair can stop the crack and prevent further damage.

When a pool leak is caused by noticeable cracks in the surface they should be permanently repaired with plaster. The pool needs to be drained in order to make these repairs. Three appointments are needed in order to complete the repair. The first is to drain the pool. The following day the technician will grind out the cement on either side of the cracks, perform the plaster reinstall and seal the plaster. The next day the surface of the pool shell will be patched with the appropriate material. For a guaranteed seamless repair, the pool may need to be re-surfaced. Golden Pool Services skilled technicians will determine where the pool leak or leaks are and how deep they are. We then do a complete visual inspection of the pool.   After that we check all of the plumbing lines between the equipment and the pool.  If needed we pressure test the lines at no additional charge to pinpoint any problems even if they are under a deck.   We have the equipment to dive the pool in hot or cold weather if needed to check main drains, lights, or floor heads


Skimmer Needs Replacement

In most instances, leaks in the skimmer are caused by minor, hidden cracks.  These cracks can be repaired with a two parts, fast drying, and underwater epoxy at the time of leak detection. In circumstances where the issues with the skimmer cannot be resolved by patching with epoxy, a skimmer replacement will be required. Some examples of when this would be necessary are as follows. The skimmer is cracked so badly that epoxy cannot fill or adhere to the plastic. The skimmer is separating from the pool wall. A broken pipe is located underneath the skimmer.

In the event that a skimmer replacement is needed, the an estimate will be provided that is based on the type of skimmer you have as well as how difficult it will be to expose and replace.  Once scheduled, the process typically takes one day and entails cutting a hole in the deck, disconnecting the broken skimmer from the plumbing, removing the skimmer, and installing the replacement skimmer. Once installed, the lines will be pressure tested again in order to confirm the pipes are soundly reconnected.  At that time the hole will be back filled and concrete will be used to bring it back to level with the deck.


Pool Pipe Repair

In the event that our technician determines that there is a break in either a suction or return line in the pool, you will need to schedule your line repair. Small leaks in underground suction piping can result in a loss of pressure and air being drawn in where water should flow. If your pool was built using “Black Poly” piping or flexible PVC underground, it’s especially likely that you will experience some problems  A quote for the repair will be provided at the time of leak detection after the location of the leak has been pinpointed. The estimate for repair is based almost solely on the difficulty of exposing the leak and patching the general area once it has been fixed. In order to make the repair a hole will be opened in order to access the broken pipe. The bad section of pipe will be cut out and replaced.  Once the pipe is exposed and repaired, we will pressure test the line in to exclude the possibility of any secondary leaks in the system. Once determined that the pipe is leak free and the repair is sound, the technician will fill the hole and bring the pool deck back to level.

In all situations the best approach will be taken in order to save our customers money and ideal permanent pool crack repair. In these instances we will offer options for repair that are a suitable solution to your leak. In order to locate an air leak you will need shut off the motor when it’s under full pumping head pressure, and look for water to spray back; out of the void where the air was entering. You have to be quick to catch this spray-back! This void will always be before the impeller. After the impeller is what we call “the pressure side.”  Any leak or void here will leak water out. Any leak or void prior to the impeller (in front of the pump impeller) will draw air in when the pump is on. The pump will “pump” air if it can; it is the path of least resistance. Your system needs to be almost airtight to run properly. If your pool is leaking well we find pool leaks. That’s what we do.

Local Serviceable Area’s

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