How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool is a major addition to a home and can add countless years of enjoyment to your property. When considering a swimming pool installation, it is important account for all of the factors that affect the cost. While installing some options at the time of construction could make the project more affordable, there are other items that can be added later on without incurring too much extra expense.

Based on 950 HomeAdvisor customer responses, the average pool install costed $17,801. This includes both above and in-ground pools. Obviously in-ground will be on the higher end of the range of what most homeowners spend – between $5,551 and $30,103.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool -

Pool Size

As you can imagine, the single largest cost factor in any pool installation is its size. The larger the pool, the higher the costs. Not only is the cost of installation more, so are the operational costs. In the end, it’s the size of your pool comes down to how much pool your yard will allow and how much pool you think is enough (or want to pay for).

Above or In-Ground?

You can save considerably on the cost of a pool if you install an above ground pool rather than an in-ground pool. The excavation aspect of pool installation is a large percentage of the cost and the types of materials needed to build an in-ground pool are more expensive too. However, an above ground pool certainly does not add the same value to your home as an in-ground variety as many people consider above-ground pools aesthetically unappealing.

Pool Materials

Do you want a cement pool, tiled pool, or vinyl-lined pool? Different materials have different costs. Solid concrete pool is more expensive, it will last longer than a vinyl-lined pool. And while you might love the look of porcelain tiles, you may not want to incur the expense – especially when a liner that is formed to look like tile will give you the same aesthetic. There are as many price points as there are types of pool materials, so it is important to talk to your installation professional about which is best for you. But keep in mind that if there is a look that you love that you think you cannot afford, you may be able to recreate that look with a less expensive materials.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool --

Heating and Filtration

How you heat, clean, filter and maintain your pool is an additional cost to consider. Although you can find low-priced heating and filtration systems, remember that your pool’s heating and filtration systems will be working around the clock. This may not be an area in which you want to skimp! If you cut corners here it may lead to costly repairs or more maintenance down the line.

Pool Extras

Do you want a diving board? A kiddie pool? How about a whirlpool attached to the main pool? A forced current system is great if you’re looking for an intense swimming workout. Do you feel you need cement benches surrounding your pool, or a covered deck adjacent to it.? All these extras can add a lot of cost to your pool installation. The good thing is that most of them can be added after the pool is installed. Just be sure to tell your pool pro what extras you’re considering so they can let you know what makes sense to install now and what makes sense to install later.

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