How to install a new above ground pool skimmer

Before replacing the liner, we removed the old skimmer and gaskets from theuse a cordless drill to remove and replace the screws wall completely, and cleaned up both sides of the wall by scraping off a little rust and calcium. For bad rust, sand the area and apply a rust-proof paint and allow to dry.

goldenpoolservices_How to install a new above ground pool skimmer

Be sure the water is close to the bottom of the skimmer before you begin. If you cut into the liner too soon, the liner may stretch more, and cause a hole in your new pool liner.

The skimmer comes with two gaskets. I glued the rubber gasket in position onto the face of the skimmer, using some silicone. Then, my outside-of-the-pool helper held the skimmer and gasket up to the skimmer opening.

Inserted the two screws that secure the skimmer to the wall. Usually there are two round headed screws that are tightened down first. After finding the screw hole, through the vinyl with my finger, I pushed the screw through the vinyl and tightened with a large Phillips screwdriver.

goldenpoolservices_How to install a new above ground pool skimmer -

Next, I placed the faceplate over the skimmer hole, with the thinner, paper use a big #3 screwdriver to finish tightening the screwsgasket on the pool side. I found each hole by feeling through the vinyl and running the SS flat head screws through with a long #3 Phillips screwdriver. Then I got out of that cold pool! Don’t tighten all the way until all the screws are in place. Then go back and tighten all the screws, as tight as you can – until you hear the plastic faceplate begin to creak!

Next, we installed the skimmer weir and basket, and threaded in the hose adapter into the bottom, using Teflon tape. Connected the skimmer hose to the adapter with a clamp.

use a razor knife for cutting the vinyl out inside the skimmer faceplate Final step! Using a razor knife, I carefully leaned over the wall and cut out the rectangle of vinyl inside of the skimmer faceplate. We saved this piece as patching material.

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