Pool Tile Repair

Often the tiles on your pool will get broken and fall off. This is inevitable and will happen over time, especially if you don’t have them resealed regularly. This can make the pool look unsightly. It isn’t usually very expensive to fix the tile in your pool. The labor isn’t usually that large unless you’ve got lots of very small tiles. Most tiles are hard to replace but if your tiles are rare and expensive, usually we can find something that is close for cheap.

If your pool has problems with PH or other chemical balance problems large amounts of scale will form on the side of your pool, especially on the tile where the water splashes in and out of the air. These white deposits can be sharp and look unsightly. If it’s just the tile that needs help we can let a little bit of water out of your pool and use acids and other chemicals to scrub the tile cleaning. This can be a short couple of hours for the job or one to two days long depending on how much build up you have.

Most Swimming Pools have decorative tile. This adds beauty to the pool or spa and often requires additional maintenance, cleaning or repair. We can help with your pool tile repair and your pool tile installation. Call for an estimate.

Added benefits of using Golden Pool Services

Excellent in-house tile installations

Pool/spa dam wall specialists

Bullnose and quarter round tile


Tile with fiberglass backing (in cracked situations)

Silicone tile installs (for cracks/movement)

Inlaid step trim and race lanes

Inlaid mosaic tiles